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Hot Tub


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Hot Tub
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Hot Tub on Deck Blue Heron


The outdoor hot tub is located off the kitchen / screen porch side of the house. It can be accessed from the sitting area of the deck. It has spectacular views of the lake from both inside the hot tub and on the hot tub deck area.

The hot tub area features a split leavel deck with half of the tub being at deck level and the other half being at the level of the base of the tub. There are stairs around both sides of the tub and a set of staris goes from the hot tub deck to the lower level.

This 325 gallon hot tub is 87" x 87" and can seat 6-8 adults and features 82 Therapy jets, including:

26 Adjustable Cluster Storm Jets
4 Non Adjustable Cluster Storm Jets
3  Power Storm Jets Massaging
4 Ploy Storm Twin Rotating Jets
1 Rotating Power Storm Jet
8 Directional Power Storm Jets
8 Adjustible Cluster Storm Jets
10 Air Injector Jets
Water Fall

The Hot Tub also features a built in AM/FM/ CD Player Stereo with pop up speakers and built in subwoofer.

A great way to enjoy the outdoors in the summer or the winter!